An average person spends approximately 6 months of their life waiting at red lights in traffic. We can all agree that traffic lights are a nuisance that consumes our time, gas and nerves.
By reducing this time even by a tiny fraction, millions of man hours worldwide can be saved, and this is the opportunity Smart Sense recognized. By using state-of-the-art sensors from our vast collection, Smart Sense gives a new dimension to smart city projects. Through monitoring traffic we ensure that the minimal amount of time and energy is wasted. For more info contact us.


Asthma is one of the most common chronic diseases, affecting more than 300 million people worldwide. Long-term disease management is required in order to maintain the life quality of asthmatic patients and to combat the progression of the disease.
Management mainly consists of adherence to the prescribed medication plan and avoiding asthmatic attack triggers. 
Recently, the advancement in low-power electronic technologies and the advent of smartphones enabled the design of unobtrusive sensing systems. The  smartphone serves as a gateway and interface for feedback to the patient. 
We are developing solutions for the recognition of the asthmatic wheezing and quantification of the wheezing rate, thus empowering the patients and caregivers who can continuously track the intensity of symptoms on their own. For more info contact us.


We are Smart Sense, a Croatian IT company consisting both of tech magicians and business savants, on a mission of closing the gap between the physical and cyber world with innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions.

Our strongest suit is Smart sensor development. Our interests are Smart Home and Smart City solutions, infrastructure and air quality monitoring. Our ultimate goal is to enable a more delightful everyday life for our end users, so relax and enjoy the Smart Sense complete home/life solutions.

We work in close collaboration with our trusted partners:


The most important thing to know about Smart Sense is that we are fueled by passion for technology. That passion is maintained by a variety of experts from different fields: software, hardware and business alike. Our focus of interest is the Internet of Things, the idea of a techtopia where most objects around us are connected, communicating and working in perfect harmony.

We are ready to abandon the adequate in search of phenomenal. For this purpose, we write our own software, we create our own hardware and we march bravely toward the interconnected reality and the Holy Grail of networking: The Internet of Everything.