Smart Sense AirQ Indoor combines elements from Smart Home and Smart City: AirQ Indoor takes the personal approach of Smart Home by informing people of any health hazards present in their homes and offices, and fuses it with Smart City's monitoring of larger areas. 

AirQ Indoor continuously monitors key air quality parameters: temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. It visually and numerically displays values for desired time periods and can send notifications to users when the values are out of the ordinary. For example, low CO2  levels are important for proper cognitive function!


AirQ Indoor uses both hardware and software developed by Smart Sense. The hardware consists of sensors that monitor the air parameters in closed spaces such as offices, classrooms, health facilities. The sensors wirelessly communicate with a central unit that systematizes the collected data and forwards it to a custom-built cloud platform, where they are analyzed and presented to users.

The main goal is to create a platform that embodies all the good sides of both Smart Home and Smart City: durability, customization, reliability, and affordability. With this, the idea of Smart City can be scaled down to a single person and single room, global goals can be mapped to local and the air around us can be much cleaner, no matter where we are.

With the goal of improving cognitive functions and attention span of both students and professors and helping students with chronic respiratory diseases, Smart Sense has joined forces with Croatian Academic and Research Network and delivered Indoor AirQ system to multiple schools in Sisak and Zaprešić.

This service is available to all the schools in Croatia as well as all the indoor spaces in general. Contact us and let's start monitoring the air we breathe every day.