Smart Sense becomes a certified Huawei Enterprise Solution Partner

After a long business relationship and many common projects, we are proud to announce that Smart Sense has become a certified Huawei Enterprise Solution Partner in Smart City category. We are more than glad that a tech giant and a market leader like...
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Why should we care about clean air?

Urbanization rate is steadily increasing all across the globe and this phenomenon leads to lower air quality in the city areas. There are various contributors to bad air quality like coal and wood fueled heating systems, vehicles powered only by...
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Check out our new Air Quality Indoor promo video!

Smart Sense AirQ Indoor is suitable for any location, it's user friendly, plug and play system and prevents negative effects of poor air quality on people. Monitor what you breathe. Promo video is available on Youtube by clicking on the following...
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Smart Sense presented AirQ monitoring solution at Smart City Expo World Congress

During the most prestigious world congress addressing the issue of ICT solutions intended to enhance the future of the cities entitled Smart City Expo, held in Barcelona, Hrvatski Telekom and its partners have presented three solutions for smart...
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Bonn goes Smart City!

In the run-up to UN Climate Change Conference, the city of Bonn and Deutsche Telekom set a sign: Bonn goes Smart City! Deutsche Telekom is installing smart sensors in street lamps, waste containers, and an air quality sensor. With the solutions, the...
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Croatian air quality monitoring solution tested in cooperation with Teaching Institute of Public Health Andrija Stampar

Smart Sense continues to develop and improve the air quality monitoring system in cooperation with the Teaching Institute of Public Health Andrija Stampar, thus providing high-quality services to end users and making the cities smarter. Measuring...
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Smart Sense exhibits Indoor AirQ at CUC 2017

Under the name "Connected by knowledge (... 25 years)" and between 8th and 10th of November 2017, Dubrovnik will be the host of 19th CARNet user conference - CUC 2017. The conference is hosted in Valamar Lacroma and Valamar Presidents Hotel and...
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We did it! Smart Sense selected to develop Narrowband-IoT solution

The 12 projects selected from application phase sent representatives to Prototyping Days at hub:raum in Krakow for a rigorous three days, working with pitching trainers, DT experts, NatCos, Business Units and the hub:raum team on NB-IoT prototyping,...
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Smart Sense among the twelve finalists of hub:raum WARP NB-IoT program, powered by Deutsche Telekom

WARP NB-IoT, the hub:raum program has reached the end of its application phase. With the overwhelming response it received, the Program Team had a challenging time selecting best of the best solutions from a huge number of applications. It will now...
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Smart Sense air quality monitoring station in Chalkida, Greece

Chalkida, capital of Evia, Greece’s second largest island, leads the way for smart cities since the recent adoption of technologies and applications that improve everyday life. Recently, pilot “smart" applications were installed in the city for...
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Smart Sense invests 30 million kunas in development and acquisitions

Radovan Rusan, the founder of Smart Sense and Smart Group shared with us some of his insights and the future plans for Smart Sense. "Smart Sense is still in the investment phase but is not losing money. More serious revenues and profits are expected...
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Smart Sense at IoT Fest Zagreb!

IoT Fest is a marathon of events organized across Europe. It is aimed to support and facilitate the creation of the IoT community. It is a really great opportunity for all people interested and specializing in IoT: startups, companies, IT students,...
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Smart Sense at Deutsche Telekom Business Expert Meeting in Tirana

Smart Sense has attended a Deutsche Telekom Business Expert Meeting in Tirana, Albania and successfully presented an Air Quality monitoring solution. The Air Quality monitoring solution consists of top-quality sensors that identify harmful emissions...
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CARNet donates Smart Sense AirQ Indoor system to the Technical School in Sisak

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, as a part of the national pilot project “e-Schools: Establishing a System for Developing Digitally Mature Schools" among other things grants attention to the health of students and teachers by...
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Run smart - sponsors of Croatian representative in Trail World Championship

Smart Sense prides itself in the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle. With that in mind, we are proud to sponsor a Croatian representative Jelena Puhalo on the Trail World Championship that will be the host on the 10th of June in Badia...
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A pilot project for air quality monitoring begins in elementary schools

The city administration of the City of Zaprešić in Croatia will choose classrooms and schools that will be the first beneficiaries of the Smart Sense AirQ Indoor system, which will enable the prevention of possible negative impacts of poor air...
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HT and Smart Sense at Smart City Expo World Congress

At the most prestigious World Congress on ICT solutions for the smart city future held in Barcelona, Hrvatski Telekom (HT), together with its partners, presented three solutions for smart cities, which are currently applied in Croatia but could soon...
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Smart Sense invests 10 million kunas in smart home solution

Last Tuesday, Iskon Internet Ltd. presented the first product invented in their Iskon Lab. It's a smart home system called Iskon.Smarthome, whose hardware and software is fully developed, designed and manufactured in Croatia.Technical development of...
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Iskon.Smarthome: anyone can have a smart home at a popular price?

Smart home gateway, surveillance camera, motion sensor, microclimate sensor, smart plug and cloud application that monitors and controls everything that is happening at home - these are the main parts of the product Iskon has offered today. The whole...
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Smart Sense AirQ monitoring station part of the largest Croatian Smart City project in Dubrovnik

The largest Smart City pilot project in Croatia worth 1.5 million HRK has been launched in Dubrovnik, which was enabled by Hrvatski Telekom and its partners, among whom is Smart Sense Ltd. with its Air Quality Monitoring solution. "Thanks to this...
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