Smart Sense AirQ monitoring station part of the largest Croatian Smart City project in Dubrovnik


The largest Smart City pilot project in Croatia worth 1.5 million HRK has been launched in Dubrovnik, which was enabled by Hrvatski Telekom and its partners, among whom is Smart Sense Ltd. with its Air Quality Monitoring solution.

"Thanks to this pilot project, Dubrovnik will officially become the first innovation, testing, development, and sales Smart City Center of HT. Getting around the city will be significantly facilitated for citizens and numerous tourists and traffic safety and energy efficiency in the city will be improved. This project places HT among the regional and European technological leaders that are promoting, presenting and implementing the Internet of Things / Smart City Technology Framework. Our investments in the development of mobile and fixed infrastructure, as well as increasing the capacity for broadband internet access and IP transformation have enabled us to begin the realization of this demanding project.", said Davor Tomašković, CEO of Hrvatski Telekom.

Numerous systems will be placed in the city: free parking spaces information, traffic multi sensor video surveillance, remote controlled city lighting and air quality monitoring.

All of the systems will be interconnected by a common platform, but also with the existing systems that the City is already using, and the part of the data collected will be accessible to anyone who can use their knowledge to further innovate any of the aforementioned Smart City solutions.

You can read more about this project in the Croatian version of the article readily available on the Web.