Smart Sense invests 30 million kunas in development and acquisitions


Radovan Rusan, the founder of Smart Sense and Smart Group shared with us some of his insights and the future plans for Smart Sense.

"Smart Sense is still in the investment phase but is not losing money. More serious revenues and profits are expected in 2018 when we the commercialization of the products we have developed will start. Mainly, I talk about Smart Home, Smart City - AirQ Outdoor Monitoring system and the AirQ Indoor monitoring system.", Rusan explains the business part of the story.

"In the next three years, the planned investments are 30 million kunas (4 million euros) from our own funds. We also believe that we will compete in the grant programs since our projects are well designed, well elaborated and above all, innovative."

Smart Sense has nine permanent employees and five permanent external associates. The company is a part of the Smart Group that employs over thirty people, and by realizing aforementioned plans, that number could easily grow to at least forty top development experts.

More details about Smart Sense and its projects are available in the following article.