Smart Sense among the twelve finalists of hub:raum WARP NB-IoT program, powered by Deutsche Telekom


WARP NB-IoT, the hub:raum program has reached the end of its application phase. With the overwhelming response it received, the Program Team had a challenging time selecting best of the best solutions from a huge number of applications. It will now have an opportunity to develop and go to market with strong technical and business support from hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom and its mentors.

From the huge bank of applications, the Program Team had to choose projects with the greatest potential, who were best suited to the needs of Deutsche Telekom and its prospective customers. After long and intensive but fruitful deliberation, the team chose 12 projects, among which is outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring system, developed by Smart Sense.

In the period between 11th and 13th of September, the twelve selected startups will come to Krakow on Prototyping Days for technical onboarding and meeting with DT experts. The DT experts will then decide if there is a „magic fit” between the solution and DT’s strategic objectives. Selected solutions will move to the next stage.

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