Croatian air quality monitoring solution tested in cooperation with Teaching Institute of Public Health Andrija Stampar


Smart Sense continues to develop and improve the air quality monitoring system in cooperation with the Teaching Institute of Public Health Andrija Stampar, thus providing high-quality services to end users and making the cities smarter.

Measuring the concentration of pollutants in the air is not trivial and it is necessary to take into account a number of factors affecting measurements such as temperature, humidity, cross-sensitivity of gases etc. It is of the highest importance to properly interpret and validate the measured data, and that is why Smart Sense has recognized the importance of co-operation with the Public Health Institute Dr. Andrija Stampar.

The results of this co-operation are very valuable and show a significant shift in the accuracy of the air quality data measured by the Smart Sense AirQ monitoring station. The gas concentration graphs today are very well matched with the Institute's measurements by reference methods, as shown in the picture example (ground O3 graph).

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