Smart Sense invests 10 million kunas in smart home solution


Last Tuesday, Iskon Internet Ltd. presented the first product invented in their Iskon Lab. It's a smart home system called Iskon.Smarthome, whose hardware and software is fully developed, designed and manufactured in Croatia.

Technical development of hardware and software was carried out by Smart Sense, initiated by Radovan Rusan, co-founder and former co-owner of one of the largest Croatian system integrators – Recro-Net. Product design was done by Croatian designer Maša Vukmanović. 

Smart Sense, which, along with the smart home solution, is working on the development of smart city solutions, last year increased its turnover by the factor of 20, to 10,2 million kunas. Net profit rose twice to 217 thousand kunas. Radovan Rusan says that after leaving the Recro-Net, he was looking for the area in IT which would create new value in the future. This incentive led to the cooperation with Iskon.

„We have cut a deal with Iskon for exclusive cooperation in the field of solutions for the smart home market in Croatia, while abroad we see them as partners since Iskon is via HT part of the largest European DT group operator. By the middle of next year, we will invest a total of 10 million kunas (1.35 million EUR) in this project, partially provided by Hamag-Bicro.“, concludes Rusan.

A complete version of this article in Croatian is available here.