CARNet donates Smart Sense AirQ Indoor system to the Technical School in Sisak


Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNet, as a part of the national pilot project “e-Schools: Establishing a System for Developing Digitally Mature Schools" among other things grants attention to the health of students and teachers by introducing continuous air quality monitoring in the schools involved in the pilot project.

Smart Sense AirQ Indoor system allows the school to monitor key air parameters and subsequently optimize temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in their classrooms, thus preventing possible negative impacts of air quality on students and teachers, such as fatigue, lack of concentration, and lack of motivation. The CO2 sensor uses red color LED to signalize the increase of CO2 values above the permissible levels, and the system graphically and numerically displays accumulated values over the desired period and sends a notification to system users in case the value is too high.

The first such system worth 20,000 HRK (2700 EUR) was donated to Technical School in Sisak. Smart sensor management system consists of a cloud and web application for smart monitoring of basic air quality indicators in schools, and one kit includes a temperature and humidity sensor, a CO2 monitoring sensor and a central unit to which multiple sensors can be connected. The schools involved in the project acquire the sensors themselves, while CARNet, in cooperation with Smart Sense, takes care of the central application, its maintenance, and upgrades.

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