Smart Sense at IoT Fest Zagreb!


IoT Fest is a marathon of events organized across Europe. It is aimed to support and facilitate the creation of the IoT community. It is a really great opportunity for all people interested and specializing in IoT: startups, companies, IT students, hardware geeks and everyone who wants to learn more about the Internet of Things and connectivity. The events are a perfect place to exchange experiences, knowledge, visions and ideas about the technological and business development of the Internet of Things in CEE.

The speakers from Byte Lab, Smart Sense, Hrvatski Telekom, University of Zagreb, Institute for Youth Development and Innovativity (IRIM) spoke about the challenges and opportunities and the future of the IoT. The attendees could also hear about the IRIM’s projects on donation and development of robotics and automation education in elementary school—age children.

Also, one valuable presentation was provided by Tomislav Ražov from Smart Sense. Tomislav spoke about IoT in environmental monitoring — the ways of informing people of any health hazards present in their homes and offices or on larger areas. The Smart Sense solutions monitor key air quality parameters: temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. It visually and numerically displays values for desired time periods and can send notifications to users when the values are out of the ordinary.

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