Smart Sense becomes a certified Huawei Enterprise Solution Partner


After a long business relationship and many common projects, we are proud to announce that Smart Sense has become a certified Huawei Enterprise Solution Partner in Smart City category. We are more than glad that a tech giant and a market leader like Huawei recognized the quality of our AirQ solution and our commitment to the idea of the interconnected world, smarter cities, and a clean environment.
In our AirQ solution for measuring outdoor air quality we took the functionalities from professional monitoring stations, added connectivity, made it much smaller and lowered the price. The solution consists of both hardware and software part. The hardware part is AirQ monitoring station with exchangeable sensing modules and microclimate sensors capable of tracking many air parameters and pollutants, while the software segment is a "cloud" platform with web and mobile application capable of a real-time data presentation and visualization.
More about Smart Sense solution can be found on the official Huawei page on the following link.