According to the estimates from the World Health Organization report, air pollution is responsible for causing or expediting around 7 million deaths every year. Air pollution is caused by different gases and chemicals in the atmosphere, which are accumulating more and more each year.
Smart Sense opposes this apocalyptic scenario where clean air is a luxury and gas masks a prerequisite when going outside.

With this guiding principle we developed Smart AirQ — the smart sensor platform for monitoring multiple air parameters on street and city level.  From relative humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure to CO, NO, SO2, O3 and airborne particles, we offer insight into the air quality around you.


The main technical idea was to offer a highly customizable sensor package that communicates and reports air pollution wirelessly (WiFi, GSM/GPRS, ZigBee) and can be maintained and configured from afar. Term customizable indicates that sensor package can easily be upgraded with other possibly relevant or desired sensors that monitor wind, noise, rain etc.

As far as the software components go, the goal was to create a versatile solution that communicates with our own IoT cloud-based application and with software platforms created by other companies.

We made a customizable, durable and reliable outdoor air monitoring solution at an attractive price. This way, by partnering up with telecoms, Internet service providers, public health institutes and whole cities, we are embarking on the journey to providing clean, uncontaminated air for everyone.

The pilot project for this platform was developed in cooperation with our prominent business partners Cisco Systems Inc. and T-HT was placed in the "pearl of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean": the great city of Dubrovnik. Since then, our air quality platform kept growing and now we have a dozen air monitoring stations installed in four different countries on two different continents: in Croatia, Germany, Greece and Saudi Arabia.

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of Smart Sense Ltd.