Computers, laptops, smartphones, the Internet. All of them are tech innovations that enrich our everyday life. At a certain point in history, they were considered a luxury. Today, they are a necessity.
Here the question occurs: What's the next big thing? The next game changer in the world of technology? 

Smart homes are the future. Perfect temperature control. Remote video surveillance. Humidity and CO2 tracking. Tasks triggered by motion sensors. Water leakage detection. Door and window status.
You can have your lights turn on and off automatically at predetermined times.
Cut down on your expenses by monitoring your electricity consumption. 
Receive notifications on your phone when certain events happen. 

Tweak any parameter to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless!

What makes us stand out?


Over a dozen highly skilled engineers and specialists from Smart Sense were able to seamlessly merge the two production processes — hardware and software development — into one whole. 

This way we offer top-notch, ZigBee based, custom-made sensors that are supported by our own highly customizable software that can be fitted to accommodate your every need and desire, available for both desktop and mobile platforms. On top of that, we have integrated various devices from renowned IoT vendors like OSRAM and Netatmo to our smart home solution to offer the best experience to our users.


Both our hardware and software solutions are innovative and continuously evolve, as we develop new sensors, add features, aim for perfection. All this leads up to a compact, elegant, desirable and most of all, user-friendly smart home solution.

Our target audience telecoms, internet service providers and similar businesses can brand our product according to their wishes, deploy it on their own cloud and use their marketing machinery to bring this high-tech delight to end users.

You don't have to blindly trust us,
Check out the smart home at our first partner, Iskon Internet Inc.: